Read how Pastor José Montas tells the story of his vision  about the formation of the International Church

It all began with a vision in the year 2000, a time where I was very desperate.
Then I got to know God and learned to understand His word – the Bible – and how simple and modest His teaching is.
God gave me a vision, which gave me the strength to leave all the doubts and desperations that I had had until then behind. Through this encounter with God I learned simple things, like prayer, blessing the food and telling my children about the power of Jesus.
And because God is good and full of love, he acted later even on my family, who also discovered God’s Word. Thanks to THE LORD! Old friends that did not believe in Jesus turned away from me. No one wanted to listen to me or believe me. Even my Family thought I had gone insane. I also received heavy accusations. Family and friends who knew me since I was a child and knew how much I had sinned. This made it more difficult for them to understand how great and merciful God is. The Testimonies which I experienced with God during this time and how God gave me my wife are details which I would like once to tell you personally.
Church-building began with my wife, Altagracia on my side. We met regularly with our friends and acquaintances and spoke of God and his beloved son Jesus Christ as our Savior. Only with two simple instruments we were all together praising Jesus. More and more people experienced God in His Glory. The Holy Spirit worked strongly amongst us and many experienced grace and love, just as it is written in the Bible, through many miracles.
Many People came to our meetings. At times there were only Greeks, sometimes only Latinos or on other reunions many other Nations. After this experience, we began looking for a building to house our congregation.
The Vision which God gave me through His Holy Spirit is to achieve unity amongst the children of God from all nations, cultures, races, and languages or skin color in the Love of Jesus Christ. That is how the International Church Rhein-Main was founded in Germany, a multicultural country with a population from different folks and cultures.
In the year 2010 we joined the “Bund freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden” (BFP – Covenant of free Pentecostal churches) K.D.Ö.R., in order to jointly move the hearts of Germany.
We preach the complete message of the Gospel, arrange services for young and old, offering Bible studies and a Christian radio program. Since 2016 our sermons a regularly broadcasted on the local TV channel „TV Sender “.