A christian church
of all Nations


It all begins at His throne. When we fall down before His feet.


It all begins with love. Begin with Loving.


If you couldn't do this before, then begin today.


Our church is made up of dozens of Nations and is a part of the federation of free Pentecostal churches in Germany (BFP). We love Fellowship and believe in a Love greater than all our differences.

Our Services are Held with moving Messages and deep worship whereby mostly in different languages. – mostly in Spanish and German. Translation into other languages (English, Italian, Turkish, Romanian) are possible upon request. Just tell us your language before the church service begins.

-Pr. José Montas

Last Sundays message

(Deutsch) Zwei paralelle Welten

(Deutsch) Zwei paralelle Welten

Jeampoll Walter

20 Jan


Freitags 20:30 Uhr

Sonntags 11:00 Uhr


International Church

Waldstrasse 22

65428 Rüsselsheim, Hessen


Pastor Montas hält normalerweise die Andachten

,falls er fehlen sollte

übernimmt einer der Pastoren


Es geht bei den Andachten um Liebe,

Familie, Beziehungen, Identität,

und die alltäglichen inneren Kämpfe eines Christen

The Genesis of our Church

It all began with a Vision in the year 2000, a time where i was very desperate..